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Ready To Challenge Yourself?

Well, it's that time again where people begin to set their intentions for the year ahead, and motivate themselves to make positive changes as they enter another year around the sun. While some "resolutions" or positive changes maybe seem tougher than others, some can just be taken one day at a time and build towards a larger, more significant impact.

Enter: Basic Shop's January Challenge. A simple checklist to help guide you in the right direction towards noticing the small, simple steps you can take on a daily basis to become more aware of your own impact, as well as others, on this planet. Whether you try one, two or ten each day, the main point of this challenge is to help others notice how taking that extra step, such as picking up a piece of liter you'd normally walk past, or remembering to bring a reusable bag (or bags) to the store instead of defaulting to plastic, can add up and make a powerful impact.

Maybe you already do some of these things, and if so, as you continue to, share those simple acts ( via social media, etc) to bring awareness to others around you and encourage them to do the same. There's power in numbers, so don't ever feel like something small won't help. Those things add up when we work together as a community, and that's when positive change happens :)

Cheers to the new year, and to trying new things that may be out of your comfort zone, but will benefit you and those around you in the long run! And don't forget! If you share and tag @shopbasicshop on IG/FB as you do your part, you will be entered into a random drawing for a giveaway at the end of this month! Winner will receive a refill bottle and refillery product of their choice, a 4" plant and 24% off their next purchase!

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