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Tips for a Sustainable Holiday!

With the holiday season upon us, feeling the need to give is totally normal. But, have you felt like some years you're scrambling to buy someonthing just to buy something? In those instances, gift giving tends to go from giving something meaningful and useful, to giving something just to fill space. What if this holiday season we changed our mindset? Giving things that will be put to good use, and even better, won't have a negative environmental impact. What if we were more mindful of our purchases? Asking things like, "what is this products 'end of life'?" What will happen to this when the person I'm giving it to no longer needs or wants it?

Here are some simple ideas for sustainable gift giving this season, and ways you and your loved ones can decorate with Mother Earth in mind.

Give with purpose! Here are some of my favorites:

Wrap it up without the impact!

  • Opt for recyclable wrapping paper (if its shiny or glittery, this is a good indicator that it is not recyclable) or Kraft paper

  • Instead of plastic bows or ribbon, try twine or burlap and add dried oranges, pinecones, cinnamon sticks or a snippet of evergreen/greenery

  • Wrap your gift with a favorite fabric, or better yet use a scarf or reusable napkin and tie it up cute, allowing the added gift in the wrapping itself!

Entertain eco-conciously

Hosting this year? Take inventory of what you normally buy when hosting. What ends up getting thrown out? How can you celebrate this year without all the waste?

  • Ditch the single-use place settings! Don't have enough plates for the amount your hosting? A fun and stylish way to entertain all those guests can be by thifting china and glassware in all different styles and colors, to add a character to your table setting.

  • Say buh-bye to paper napkins. Linen napkins are cost effective, endlessly resuable, and will add such a statement to your table.

  • Decorate with nature! Utilize greenery and dried florals from nature to dress up your space. Use dried oranges as garland (and make your home smell amazing, too!) or dried eucalyptus. Make gorgeous snowflakes from paper bags, like these.

There are so many easy ways to celebrate sustainably this holiday season! You just have to think outside the box, and change your mindset! Your friends and loved ones will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it all :)

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